Live It Now Entertainment

About Us

As music and entertainment fans, we love to see the depth of the artist and reasons behind why a song was created. And as technology fans, we love to see live show video creativity delivered in new ways from every new innovative angle possible.

As fans of the music and entertainment industry, Columbia, Missouri natives, Tom Strother and Rick Patci moved to Nashville and collectively have spent the last few years touring with a number of bands, working in the audio engineering and audio visual field, managing a few tours and learning the ins and outs of the music industry. We've seen and heard enough to know that times are changing and the industry has to as well.

When it comes to live events, we've thought about everything from what makes a live show or event good to how can we can make the event experience even better. Then we took it one more step and asked ourselves how we could provide an exceptional experience for an audience who can't be in a seat at the venue, a fact of life these days as more and more people have difficulty traveling to concerts and events. That's why we started Live It Now Entertainment. And now, we want to bring that "at home" audience to YOUR events!

Live It Now Entertainment, LLC

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