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How We Do It

Watching a concert or event online versus attending that event in person are two very different experiences. With typical technology, the online experience has lacked the emotion, electricity, and tangibility of a live event which naturally creates separation and disinterest on behalf of the online viewer. There is a large gap between the two experiences and that gap is what Live It Now Entertainment is bridging.

Typical video streaming alone can be enjoyable and there are a lot of companies out there providing that service, but we believe that there is a great deal more that can be done with live streaming that will make the experience into what people across the world will truly be amazed with and will enhance your event. Live streaming is an awesome way to deliver all types of content like movies, music, concerts, sports, and conventions. Streaming has a great potential and we will focus on how we can enhance the technology to create a large profit center for the entertainment and streaming market.

When we move forward with a project with our client we will do more than just "stream" the event. The delivery platform that we will create will be a fun and interactive extension of the event. It will enhance the content by creating that lost excitement, electricity and tangible feel of the live show.

Our platform is flexible and scalable to handle a more intimate setting from a live keynote speaker stream all the way to a concert on the moon. Well….a moon concert might not be high in demand, but it certainly is possible. We have every option available from SD to HD gear, as well as broadcasting, so we know that we can provide our clients what they need to do the job right.

Let our creative team build you an experience with amazing quality and results.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

Napoleon Hill

Live It Now Entertainment, LLC

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