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The Reward

The foundation of our company is in video streaming and we are psyched about the quality we will provide to our clients. Live It Now Entertainment will deliver your event to the world with ease and excitement and you can be sure that we will go well above the bar with our customer service. Because we are highly focused on enhancing the Stream, we have created several useful tools that will allow you to utilize new strategies to deliver an awesome experience to your customers. Our goal in our partnership is to help you generate a larger audience and ultimately more income in all of your other revenue streams such as merchandise and concert ticket revenue.

With different analytical tools and information provided by the viewer, we built a very interactive marketing tool for your use. This is yet another game changing service we provide to our clients. After your show or event is complete, we move into a data collection mode. For our music industry clients, we will produce a document that shows you a map and full analytics on the location of your viewers. We will show you where the major areas that your fans were watching from thus allowing you to work with promoters in those areas to achieve the best results in show sales right away and in the future.

We will also key in on several areas where your demand is lower so that you can focus your promotion budget in those markets thus reducing loss. This will help your staff and Radio Promotion Managers to push your music to the top in these areas. Because this information is real-time collected via the viewer, it is more accurate than getting radio spin reports. Unfortunately, we know that in many markets you have just one Program director who controls several areas thus not giving you an accurate account of what is being demanded. We can help fix that!

Another benefit of our service is that the video and audio that we record will be turned over to you to use as you see fit in music videos, live DVDs, commercials, excite videos, etc. We can also take that footage and edit it with our talented producers and editors.

With permission from the viewers and you, we also have the capability of collecting e-mails, promote Facebook likes and adds, twitter follower adds, as well as direct more traffic to your websites. There is nothing but rewards when you work with Live It Now Entertainment. Contact us today!

Live It Now Entertainment, LLC

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