Live It Now Entertainment

What's The Big Idea

As technology fans, we believe that the future of live entertainment is in our ability to provide an amazing experience for the at-home or at-work consumer. We realize that a live audience is very different from an online audience and that the experience for each of them will be different. How to make it different is the question. We have the answer.

We believe that there is no reason why a person who is unable attend a live event should be satisfied with simply turning on his or her computer, pressing play and sitting back and watching. There is so much more that can and will happen when you partner with Live It Now Entertainment. Your online guests will be engaged and excited while watching an event online, and when we engage them creatively, we know that they will have fun.

We have seen all types of attempts at creating a platform that will be a front runner in live streaming but most have gained little traction among consumers and have only caused small ripples in the industry. The reason for their lac luster growth isn't in the technology but in the very foundation of the event. The same rules that create an amazing performance that the crowd will never forget does not hold true in this new online frontier. This is where Live It Now Entertainment is different and really excels. Our platform was created to give the viewer an experience filled with excitement and emotion not reached by most other streaming event providers. To gain a fan or consumer you have to create an emotion. Live It Now will deliver on that front.

An event can be just as successful, if not even more so, with live streaming as long as it is directed in a way that creates excitement or emotion no matter the distance or delivery method. Live It Now Entertainment will help you do just that.

The industry is changing, people's needs are changing, and it's up to you to keep up. Let us help you reach out to your guests and attendees across the world. This technologywill truly be a game changer now and in the future and it's time to get on board!

Live It Now Entertainment, LLC

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