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GoHooper Web Design's motto is "web design made simple", where the client is and always will be first!

Meet the GoHooper Team

John Hooper

Founder & CEO

Jessica Hooper

Founder & President

Bridget Morris

Content Writing & PR

Erika Grace

Media & Branding

Lisa Joyann

Graphic Designer

Lisa Morales

Brand Ambassador

Ashley Vickers

Brand Ambassador

Melanie Tillbrook

Media & Branding

Kayla Maddox

Graphic Designer

Anna Malpass

Graphic Designer

Julie Robenhymer

Content Writing & PR

Jack Robert


Bruna Lima

Brand Ambassador

Charissa Littlejohn

Brand Ambassador

Angela Bowles


Chris Hedlund


William Green

Technology Developer

Tony Matjeka

Programmer Developer

About Us

History & Objective

GoHooper Web Design was founded in 2006 by John Hooper and his best friend and soulmate Jessica Hooper. John was introduced to programming and development when he was 12 yrs. old (that's when 3.5 inch floppy disks were a big deal). Years later when he envisioned having a web agency, it was only a natural progression. At first the business was formed more out of necessity because of the typical run-around that webmaster's give their clients. He couldn't stand all the technical jargon and complexity that the average web company was creating, leaving clients frustrated and in the dark. So in order to solve this problem he started GoHooper Web Design where the objective was to make everything transparent and understandable from the get go. GoHooper's clients have repeatedly expressed the many times they've been burnt out by their old web company and how refreshing it is to work with the GoHooper Team.

Small Business Startups Bloggers Health & Fitness Learning & Education Celebrities Athletes Music Artists Doctors & Practices Real Estate E-Commerce & Stores Public Figures Government Auto Industry Churches Non-Profits Industry Financial Planning Network Marketing Organizations
...whatever the category, we've got you covered!

The GoHooper web agency is a small but very aggressive group that loves to take on challenges when it comes to crafting your online brand. They are dedicated to your success no matter the genre or business category you are in. With it's originating office in Nashville, TN and now one in Miami, FL, the team's approach is all about "clients first" and is driven to help launch each project to its maximum potential. With over 14 years experience and hundreds of clients across the United States, GoHooper has the expertise and confidence to make you shine online.

affordable & friendly...

Our success is to ensure your success!

Small Business, E-Commerce, Music Artists, Churches, Non-Profits, Organizations, Athletes, Models, Startups, Health & Fitness, Doctors, Real Estate, Celebrities, Universities, Bloggers + much more.

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